Choosing a new computer can be a bewildering experience for the novice user. Many people end up spending a lot of money to buy more computer than they need or not spending enough money and getting stuck with a cheaply made, low performance, short life system. 

The computer needs for the internet surfer are far different from the needs of a small business owner, corporate user or a online computer gamer.  Many times one of our factory built systems will fulfill your needs just fine, while in other cases you would be much better off with a custom built system. 

We invite you to come in and discuss your needs and we will suggest the best computer solution for your needs.

Q: What about computers sold by "BigBoxMart" or similar stores?

That depends on if you want a low performance, cheap, disposable computer that you will quickly replace or would you prefer a quality built system that will be around for several years?

Salesmen at the Big box stores love novice buyers because they can easily bewilder them into buying all sort's of unneeded add ons,
unneeded software and  "extended warranties" thereby pushing up their sales commissions (and your cost!)

Big Box stores are also among the biggest sources of poor quality computer systems using the lowest quality and the most inexpensive components available. Their computers are cheaply built so they can sell them for less.

One example:   One very well known brand of computers sold by a well known Big Box Store are built using very low quality internal  components. We scrap over one hundred or more of this brand computer every year because their power supplies have no over voltage regulation and when they blow, it usually burns up the mother board.  We have seen systems only two weeks out of warranty that were completely burned up solely due to poor quality, inexpensive parts being used in their manufacture. 

When you buy a computer from a Big Box store and their wimpy 90 day or one year warranty runs out, you are literally on your own.  Some Box Stores do have their own "in house service" with a catchy name but If you allow them to service your system you will spend a kings ransom in repairs and your system will still be sent halfway across the country for any required warranty repairs.  It will be several weeks before you ever see it again!

Before buying your computer at any box store, ask them if it carries a
standard THREE YEAR hardware warranty and be sure to ask them
WHERE do you have to send it for service when it breaks?

Triple T Computers has the best warranty in the business!
Our custom built computers
carry our standard THREE YEAR hardware warranty.  Unlike the big box stores,  we service what we sell right here in our own shop!  There is no need to send your computer (and your
personal information!)  somewhere far away to get it serviced and then waiting WEEKS to get it back!!

All of our systems come with a warranty and LEGAL software!

Consumer Alert!
Software Piracy

When shopping around for a new or used  computer, beware the local "computer expert" and many "hole in the wall" and "garage" computer shops.

Many of these sources install illegal, pirated software on your computer and you may never even know it!

Software piracy is illegal!

Wherever you buy your computer system, make sure it comes with  legitimate, legal software and a legal operating system.

Legal Microsoft® Windows® software comes with a hologram disc and a multicolored,  hologram authenticity sticker that is placed on the outside of your computers case or with your Windows System Disk.  No sticker = ILLEGAL SOFTWARE!

Don't get victimized!

If a competitors system is hundreds of dollars cheaper than our quote then somethings probably fishy.  Your  either getting quoted different or inferior hardware or they are intending on selling you an illegal pirated operating system or other illegal software with your computer purchase.

If the competition offers you such a "deal" then simply walk away, because do you REALLY want to buy your computer from an admitted crook?

Any custom configuration & upgrade is available!
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